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Superior customer care

Our service representatives will instill confidence in your customers, thanks to our ability to access and update your customers’ information on every call.

Efficient operations

We schedule appointments directly in your system so you have the necessary information to handle all the needs of your customers.

Consistent coverage

Your calls are professionally handled in a 7 X 24 environment so that you have peace of mind that your business is in good hands.

How we do it


CAPTURE More Calls

Our cutting-edge technology allows us to better service your customers and increase your call conversion. With services such as call classification so specific events can automatically be identified and call order announcements so expectations are set correctly right out of the gate, we know how to capture more calls for your business.


BOOK More Appointments

Through focused management techniques, we’re constantly developing our team. From a robust hiring process to a detailed performance plan, we ensure our team members are consistently delivering increased sales opportunities.


GROW Your Business

We understand that more efficiency leads to more sales opportunities. By creating detailed scheduling plans, new partnerships and agent cross utilization, we’re able to capture more calls and convert to more appointments.

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Using cutting-edge technology, detailed management and increased efficiency, CallPoint can make a real impact to your bottom line. 

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